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Friday, March 27, 2009

blame it on the rain

it's raining.


for the third or fourth day in a row, now.

my grass needs cutting. badly.

but even in the dreariest of skies, i'm lovin the brilliant chartruese of new leaves peeking out from the willow tree branches. the lush green of the recently weeded n feeded grass. the delicious purple of the red bud (odd name, considering the actual color of the blooms) in full bloom. the japanese maple whose little leaves and whirlybirds are just beginning to erupt. the dogwood, still green, opening and growing and on its way to big and white. and the way the rain lingers on the branches and petals until it can bear its weight no longer and lets go…

it's a meloncholy beauty. a somber salute to spring.


it's cleansing. and nourishing. and heavenly.

without the rain we would be empty. parched. 

i like to think of the rain as little drops from heaven. filling me up.

fill me up, Lord. till the drops lay heavy and overflow.

quench my thirst. 

fill me to overflowing.

and while i'm on the subject of rain, it is a quiet comfort. and a reminder to pray for those who need comfort.

sage's family. stellan's family. cora's family. tuesday's family. liz's family. and many, many more. i am remembering. praying. asking. interceding.

to God be the glory!


  1. This is a beautiful post with such real words and such lovely pictures.

    And this is going to sound weird...but I feel like I know you from you have a twin in my neck of the woods? Why do you seem so familiar to me?

    Okay, have a good rainy day--it's incredibly dismal here, but that's why everything's so green!

    God bless.

  2. Thank you SO much for visiting my blog and reading about our Eli. Your photos are so very beautiful. I join you in lifting up these families. Many blessings,

  3. holy smokes i love those spring pictures. nice work! and thanks for such sweet commments on my blog!


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