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Monday, March 9, 2009

chip off the ole block

i'm sure i accomplished something last week, although i really don't have much to show for my efforts. i'm positive that it has nothing to do with the fact that i didn't spend entirely too much time blog-stalking or praying for the numerous people out there who are struggling with so much. you can check out what no one else is admitting to doing this past week on mckmamma's blog, where the whole thing started! (and i did not get an adrenaline rush when i made it into the top ten of her mr. linky list. no, that would be a prideful thing to admit to, and i gave up all about me for lent! does this mean that a not-me-monday blog post is breaking my sacrifice?)

i did not wake up groggy for church yesterday because i had a daylight saving time hangover. not me. i was not in bed by 10 pm passed out and was not sawing logs when boy wonder popped his head in at 11 to say g'night . i also did not do the sun's still shining at 6pm dance in my driveway either. who would have that kind of energy while so sleep-deprived??

in my on-line treasure hunting excursions, i didn't trip across some adorable stitch markers for knitting and then jump right on over to my hobby lobby to grab some rings and nylon cording and make a dozen of my very own.

how many stitch markers does one need? well, i'm pretty sure not a dozen, but i think perhaps there's a few of my knitting buddies who probably wouldn't want one, too.

and who knows, maybe some envious little knitter out there might not just want a little bling for her own project and want to pay me for them. . . nah. but i didn't enjoy the heck out of knocking out this little fun project. 

with the weather turning warm here in tennessee (thankyou, thankyou sweet Jesus!) i didn't avoid wearing capris because i still look like this:

no shave november certainly did not go into don't do it december, just wait another month january, forgetaboutit february to mayaswell march. no, i did not have to break out the electric hair trimmers (i don't own four razors) to make quick work of the job and do not have absolutely babybutt smooth legs. and i am not going barefoot in capris right this very minute! i would never share such TMI for everyone to see. nope, not me!

finally, i did not have a few bitter moments while the hubster and i waited for three and a half hours for boy wonder to get out of the periodontist's chair as he was undergoing surgery to provide a stable footing for the dental implants he will receive in about a year.i didn't relive the accident (or as the insurance company called it, the "on-purpose") that caused my little 8-yr old's brand new, white and gorgeous front teeth

to be reduced to dental confetti. i didn't wonder at the fact that our child, who has spent most of his life being dentally challenged, smiles his way through every situation and has the sunniest of dispositions when he really has every right to be quiet and protective of his smile.

i most certainly did not ask him to pose with his swollen face, either. that would be cruel. i mean it's not like i'm going to post them on the internet, right?

nah, i would never do that. and he, without a doubt, would never consider making it his profile picture on facebook.

he is not a chip off the old block. nahhhh. not him!


  1. oh my goodness the shaving part is too funny!
    i have not used the clippers on my legs either....!

  2. I laughed and laughed about the "No shaving" part and the picture of Chewbacca. That was hysterical!

  3. The no shaving part is the dlsavings time is killing me today. Have a great Monday!

  4. That picture is hilarious! And boy, do my legs need a shave!

  5. Love, love, love the stitch markers. How cute. I am going to have to make some of those, ummm in all of my free time.


  6. might have been TMI but it was soooo worth the laugh!

    Thanks for stopping over at BlogBaby, we hope to see you around! Maybe even tomorrow when we do something called "Tearless Tuesday" in honor of little Tuesday Whitt. Participate if you want, we'd be happy to have you. :)


  7. Ouch, is it wrong of me to have laughed at his swollen face? Then I won't admit to it.
    Also, I will not comment on the state of my legs.
    Have a great week!

  8. LOVE the Chewbacca Hairy Leg posts!

    I wonder if our kids should start a support group for each other since they know that all their life experiences are fodder for their mother's blogs.
    My daughter is always saying "Mom, are you going to BLOG about that now?"

  9. My boys have broken a few teeth. It's horrible! I'd rather they break a bone. Teeth don't heal!

  10. I can not relate to feeling like Chewbacca, nope not me! And the pics of your son just reminded me how fast they grow up! Happy NMM!

  11. What a good sport he is!! Oh and do you think your state could come chat with my state and get it to join the spring club?? I'm really tired of the winter one!!

  12. Funny, funny post! What a handsome young man (and a good sport) your son is. And about your Chewbacca legs? Well, even though mine are smooth and shaven, they are too hideous to show in public. Sooooo, I'd say that makes it even, huh? ~ Becky

  13. Chewbacca!!!! Love it.

    Oh those dental problems...YIKES!!! Your poor men!

    Loved your not me's today!


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