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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


for the first time in days, we have a gorgeously cerulian sky with springtime busting out all over. this is the time of year i simply marvel at all the eye-candy the Lord has given us. and photographs don't nearly capture what He splashed across my morning canvas.

but can i just say that morning dew + morning sunshine + new springness = flat-out spectacularness??

okay, i'm just sayin'!

the dew on the rosebush was so pretty the way the sun was making it sparkle like spring jewelry. ahhhh pretty soon there will be magenta blossoms. can't wait!

it's hard to believe that in just a short time, these stumpy little flower casings will grow into beautiful dogwood blossoms. really. this ugly little knot will soon explode into a real live flower!! who knew!!

welcome, columbine! pretty soon you'll be big and strong!

waaaaay down in there is the reluctant tulip blossom. oh where, oh where are you?? there is a PARTY going on out here, and you're missing it!

hey chickadees!! i know you're in there!! welcome back!! can't wait till the kids can come out and play!

and what would a day frolicking in the springtime morning look like without a little weiner dog munching on some grass??

not like spring at all, says bailey!!

bailey also thought the pictures all looked better on the computer than on blogger. not sure if clicking on them will help. but oh well!

y'all have a great, splendid tuesday. and hope you're wearin' green, or ye'll get yerself pinched!


  1. How gorgeous! Everything is getting ready to bloom here too. Some things have already started, but the trees are still very bare.

    I'm guessing that's your dachshund - my husband LOVES dachshunds and we'd like to add one to our family someday!

  2. Your photos are awesome!!

    Thank you for always leaving me the sweetest comments...I appreciate you coming by!!

    Have a beautiful day!

  3. You are right. We have a beautiful world here, don't we! I love tulips. First sign of spring. Just lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog for the giveaway!

  4. Hi!! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your photos are simply gorgeous!! I can't wait til Nashville looks like this every day instead of teasing us with one or two days every two weeks!

    The philosophy of blogging thing - a real mindbender no?

  5. WOW.. your photos are so beautiful!!! What a cutie Bailey is. We used to have a dog named Bailey!!!

  6. Lovin' those signs of spring.
    Great pix!


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