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Monday, March 16, 2009

if it's monday, i know i didn't do it!

monday's the day when i'm "bruttaly honest and living to tell about it," along with the zillions of people addicted to the activity begun by mckmamma. check it out, there's alot of denying going on out there, and it's usally pretty hilarious!

this past week was a flurry of activity. boy wonder was home from college on spring break, but we were not the least bit bitter that the weather was LAME and that most of his break was spent recouperating from oral surgery. i didn't watch/enable him to spend the week chilling out, sip smoothies and watch television while facebooking for an entire week. no, and i didn't invite him to do his own laundry while hibernating, either. nah, that would be mean!

i didn't freeze my bootie off after two days in the 80s (ahh, sweet irony of life) in the "worship in the field" with our students at church on wednesday nite. i didn't struggle to lift my arms in worship because my blanket would fall off, and i didn't for just a small moment, wonder how that activity would have been more comfortable with a Snuggie.

and i didn't envision the commercial that i could make with that, either. i didn't grab a hershey bar and eat it while i rooted for a graham cracker and struggle to get two marshmallows out of the bag for s'mores. i didn't shrug my snuggie-less shoulders and munch away on a cold, unassembled s'more because i was just too lazy to wait for a stick to roast my marshmallow. and i didn't go back for more chocolate. no, that would be un-leaderlike!

i didn't tear up while i drove home after dropping my daughter unit (d-unit) off for her spring break trip with her friends.

i didn't lament the fact that i've spring breaked with teenagers for the last four years (and by that i mean the hubster and i have taken lots of teens with us to destin and have chaperoned their antics) and was/am having serious withdrawls. i also wasn't second-guessing the decision to not go along with the other moms.

i wasn't picturing myself on the deck of the cruiseship, all cocoa-buttered up, sipping something cool from a glass, or oogling the ice sculpures on the all you can eat buffet. i am not kicking myself for not being there to capture every moment as i hone my photography skills. no, i'm super happy to be here in rainy, cold tennessee and who wants to be all rested and tan anyway!?

no, i would never admit to wandering my house after boy wonder left to go back to school and d-unit was away, trying to get used to what an empty nest would feel like for real in five (gulp) months. i didn't talk to my dogs more than usual, didn't walk by her room and sigh, and i most certainly did NOT text my son about two hours into the experience and tell him, "oh, my aching empty nest"to which he replied, "oh, my bulging pockets. cha-ching making big bucks at work!"

i didn't snap my phone shut in disgust while failing to stifle a chuckle. and i didn't answer the husband's puzzled look with a "don't look at me! i wasn't texting!"

nope, not me!


  1. You must know that everything is better with a SNuggie.

  2. HA HA. I sometimes think a Snuggie would be nice too...But I would never admit it. Oh, wait, I just did!

  3. I do not often wish I had a Snuggie so I could answer the phone and change the channel without the blanket falling off. Nope, not me!

  4. I have NOT wished for my own Snuggie before on several occasions. Those occasions would NOT be while invoicing at work in the subzero temperatures that would cause even a computer programmer to say, "Wow it is NOT cold in here."

    Your post made me chuckle. I made my way over here via MckMama's Mr Linky. I do not have the worries of an empty nest JUST YET as my daughter is only 3 years old, but I do not even want to think about how it will feel when she goes to school every day.

  5. I own a Snuggie and I'm not ashamed to admit it! :D It's worth every single penny! Check out Bed, Bath & Beyond...they have them there and you'll save on shipping!

  6. You did not leave the same comment on the first and second person of not me monday!! ;)

  7. Hey, great job on being number 6! We must have clicked enter at the same time, lol! I have a 14 month DS and I have been thinking about when he goes off to college since he was born! But hopefully there will be more children to follow so empty nest wont occur till a little later =)
    I love SLRs! I haven't used a digi one yet, but I have an old film Nikon that I used in HS and college. Its awesome, so I know I will love the digi!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. That's some Spring Break! I'll probably grill some hamburgers for my teens' friends in the back yard.

  9. Nice work on two weeks in a row in the top 10. You're a champ! I've never come close before this week.

    S'mores - melted or not - sound so delicious! And though you didn't go to Destin this year, I hope you're able to take a nice vacation soon! Hopefully you can have wonderful vacation after sending your daughter off to college!

  10. oh, and just for the record, i did do a little cut and paste on the comment for the #1 and 2 posts on mckmammas blog, but after spending all morning refreshing, i needed to get some work done, but wanted to honor their one and twoness. i did make specific comments for their posts, sheesh! so sue me!! :-)

  11. thanks for coming by my blog!! yeah, I have a saver and a spender in my house too. trying to get my oldest one to find a job. he's "too busy with all his activities" yet he wants this and and he wants that! see ya again soon. I think a damp towel ought to take care of that diet coke on your computer ;)

  12. Great post this week! I'm new to your blog-found you on MckMama's blog.

  13. Oh, how I want a snuggie!


  14. Haha, good "not me's".

    Found your blog through MckMama's.

  15. LOL! I am not jealous of spring breakers on CRUISES...not me!

    You text'n momma! Love it...we are not there quite yet ")

  16. Frozen Tundra version of a snuggie = adult size blanket sleeper complete with zipper and gripper fabric feet. Can't live without it! I'd post a pic of my lovely "snuggie replacement" but I think the mental picture is probably more than enough. Ha!


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