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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

sensory overload

i just admitted to having scrapbookaphobia to someone. i also pointed out that ironically, i have a tremendous collection of scrapbook supplies. i wonder if there is a 12-step program out there for me?

not my scrapbook, mind you.

could it be a fear of failure? or of wasting precious supplies (it makes much better sense to leave the expensive papers and supplies unused, dontcha think?) or the TIME it takes to create something priceless? perhaps it's the glazed over eyes as i think of wading back for 17-19 years of photographs that keeps me from memorymaking.

like i've said before. i have memories. they're just all in a box (well 8 photo bins to be exact) and just unassembled. heck. growing up, i used to love to wade through the shoebox in the closet where all our photos were stored. okay, so we just had the one shoebox, but it was still fun! my kids could just have 8 times the fun!!

i actually did take this picture last year in my front yard!

perhaps it's the A.D.D. the fact that i'd rather learn how to take really good pictures (nice timing, the kids are about to leave). but about the time i collect the gear, i'll have moved on to another cool hobby. ohhhhh. to finish a project!

must i be content to just look and admire greatness? must it be the way with crafting the way it is with music? being painfully aware of the beauty of the music and absolutely in agony over not being able to play an instrument well? must i be the appreciator and never the creator?

or perhaps just write. 

and then i get back into that whole pride of giftedness debate

maybe i'll just sit quietly and try not to be noticed. or the center of attention. or the funny one. 

nah. pfsht!


  1. Me too! I am not a scrapbooker! I sort of wish I was, because lots of time, I do think things are cute.

  2. Here is maybe something to consider? I think your phobia comes from "fear-of-taking-1st-step-itis" and then "what-if-it-doesn't-meet-my-expecations" disease. Gosh, you sound SO like me; better to do nothing if what I accomplish isn't perfect. Or close to perfect. Arghhh!

    Now, I could be all wrong here and I sincerely apologize if I am BUT maybe (just maybe) you could make a couple of scrapbook pages if you were doing them not-for-you, but for your kids! It would be a great way to express your love and give them a memory keepsake. And your kids will think it's nice just to have the photos anyway the pages come out.

    And if I am all wrong and make no sense at all, please ignore this comment. I have been teaching all day and my brain is frying. ~ Becky

  3. p.s. Maybe the greatness lies in being content to just look and admire?

  4. I have thought about scrap booking... but left it at the thought ")

    Good luck! ")


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