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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

comitments and oaths

it used to be that a man's word was as good as gold. 

is it still true today? 

when we say we're going to do something, do we follow through?

it's something i've taught my children through the years. especially with commitments to clubs and sports teams. "it's okay if you abhor diving, honey. and that the coach humiliated you in front of the entire team. but you made a commitment to the team, and you need to follow through." or "yes, i know being in student council sounded like a good idea when you signed up. and i know the advisor is not exactly talented in running a club, but you made a commitment and you most follow through. see it finished. end of story."

recently i had an occasion to talk with bamagirl about someone in our midst who made a promise to do something with me on a monthly basis (a one hour commitment) and has blown me off two months in a row for really silly reasons. and she didn't even call me to beg off, she sent me text messages at the last minute. grrrrr. i hate it when people can't even be weak and weasely to my face.

but it was a good teaching moment. even at 17, we are still having teaching moments in the car. you know, the place where you don't have to make eye contact and to leave the conversation would result in some serious road rash. i love car conversations.


i told her how important it is to follow through on your word. how important it is for people to be able to depend on your word. to be trustworthy. to have integrity. to be a woman of character.

our words have meaning. the tongue is the strongest muscle in our body (well, our jaw muscles, really, but it's all connected to the mouth). and it has the potential to bring great joy and encouragement or to destroy and wound in a second.

i wish i was a pillar of great examples in the former category. but i'm afraid that my sarcastic, quick-witted mouth has gotten me in more trouble than has blessed others. i am guilty of desiring a laugh rather than an "awww, that's so sweet." i am guilty of aiming for the instant gratification of the afirming "yes, you are so clever, and hilarious!"

so while i haven't been the best example of sweetness, am delinquent in praise and am too often critical, i am fully commited to being a woman whose words can be trusted. 

and this oathness, these words, this pubic forum where i pledged 30 days of shredding? well, i can't tell you how much the words of encouragement from my few followers (and that completely slays me that people actually follow my blog) are keeping me going. knowing that i am not going to go back on my word. i don't know you, my imaginary friends out there in blogland, but for some reason, i don't want to let you down.

so let me put aside my keyboard while i grab my remote. it's time for jillian to kick my a*s.


  1. I agree with this. I think that these days, so many people justify why they aren't going to do something, or attend something. I'm guilty of that too!


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