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Thursday, April 23, 2009

does this blog make my butt look big?

i'm about to set the keyboard aside for a little shred with some extra sumpin-sumpin. yeah, level two. i hope i'm not being overly optimistic about my abilities to even do level one without gasping for air (it is a FAR cry from day one. let me tell you it's flat-out amazing how i've improved in 10 days). 

if you hear crying from the south, no worries. it's just whiney-ole-me.

stay tuned. . .


can anyone but me hear that rocky theme music playing?? omygracious! i did it!! and i didn't hardly have to stop or modify (except at the the end. i was not quite prepared for the plank abs. i was ALL ABOUT lying on the floor, gasping for air as i "relaxed" and did my bicycle kick abs. nope. not ready at all. but i'll give it a try next time). 

i was afraid i wasn't going to be ready to tackle level 2 after how badly i was prepared for level 1. i'm feeling it each day and pushing a little harder every day.

and i'm on day ELEVEN people without my nectar of the gods, diet coke.

and p.s. margaritas (as much as i love to talk about them) is not really on the diet anymore. it's like drinking a meal in one glass. according to, a margarita has 740 calories. that's actually almost half of your daily allotment of calories, and if you're like me, do you ever stop at "just one?"

so that's why i started drinking rum and diet coke, which has about 66 calories. but since i've sworn off diet coke in favor of water, i've elected to drink vodka tonic (when i feel the need for a cocktail. it's not like i'm some kind of alcoholic fish, mind you) which has 165 calories. really, i'd rather just sip on a lovely, classy glass of chardonay, but alas, all wine plagues me with vicious migraines. and i'm giving up diet coke in hopes of finding a way to have less of a reason to pluck my head from my body. the migraines get old, lemme tell ya!

and to be just super honest here, when i go out, i'm mostly ordering water. and because i want to splurge? i get a lemon, too. but i'm not gonna lie, either. i do enjoy a little nip now and then. but in the words of gladys on the ellen degeneres show, "i still love Jesus!"

and as far as my diet? well, i haven't been counting calories or really killing myself. but i think that's all about to change. i'm going to go old-school and count calories. and kill the desire to eat white things. like refined anything. bread, sugar, ummmm pasta, basically anything good. i'm gonna load up on the veggies (free stuff, because they actually take more calories to burn than i'm consuming). it seems silly to work out and expect results if i'm not willing to make the food changes too. everything in moderation.

so i'm off to go shower and sip on the 64 oz of water i'll be consuming throughout the day. i'm so glad that my body is over the intial wincing agony of squatting. because with all that water, each day was akin to how i felt giving birth without an epidural. 

not too embarrasing when you're at home, but try it at the bathroom adjacent to the nice, quiet sushi bar.

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  1. I think you are doing a great job!! Keep up the good work.

    By the way I tagged you. Check out my blog to find out why. :)


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