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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


day two in atlanta was more interesting than day one. not that going to the target superstore and IKEA is a bad way to spend the day!! throw in a little cheesecake factory action and you've got yourself a winner of a day! it's always interesting when half of atlanta tries to blow away, too. the serious bad weather stayed a bit to the north, but we kept getting texts about the weather back home the entire time we were in IKEA. . . a mom and her 9 week old baby died in a tornado that day in murfreesboro, so it was a bad day for tennessee.

the hubster made it through 1/2 way through the showroom. you should have seen his face when he realized there was still another floor to see!!

later, we drove all over downtown atlanta in the middle of a thunderstorm with lightning blazing all around us. it would have been helpful to remember that we had a GPS on our cellphone at this point in our trip rather than the afternoon we were LEAVING atlanta. it only took us about 45 minutes to get to the buckhead diner in (ahem) buckhead, which should have taken less than 20 minutes. oh well, at least i'm not married to someone who won't stop to ask for directions!

the food was worth waiting for and we had a great meal. (seriously, i think i ate my way through atlanta!!) 

saturday morning was still a bit blustery, but at least it wasn't raining any more! we spent some nice unhurried time at the hotel enjoying a killer breakfast buffet (again with the eating) and then began our day at a suit store where the hubster and boywonder got a seiously great deal on a suit for each. my baby has a real big boy suit! i about cried.

i really did about cry. it took them flippin FOREVER to pick something out, and then daggum ETERNITY to get measured for tailoring. i swear, bamagirl and i ran out of places to shop in the area and ended up chilling out in the car. zzzzzzz. they returned and we (finally) proceeded on to a late lunch at pf chang's (my all time favorite, any city, anywhere, anytime).

we took our mapquest directions, took a big breath and headed back downtown to go to the coke museum. i'd always heard it was really cool. it was. awesome artwork, amazing memorabilia, cool history, entertaining/informative videos and a rockin assembly line. highlight of the tour was the tasting room with over 60 different soda varieties from every continent (well, i'm not sure about antarctica, but you get the picture). most of the flavors were really good (mango, lemon, creme soda, etc) but if you're ever in italy, you must certainly avoid this: 

no doubt, the worst thing i've ever encountered. i'd rather drink cow's liver puree with a robitussen chaser. for real. carbonated nastiness. i'm just sayin.

and bamagirl agrees, although i missed the aftertaste face. this was during. should have seen it after. i'm. not. kidding. not. pretty.

highly recommend the coke museum. cool stuff and tasty!

this got us yelled at by the security guy. "take the picture and get down!!"


  1. Holy cow! Ikea and Cheesecake? That is my dream day! Oh, and throw H&M in there too.

  2. Your kids look like they get along so well - that's neat to see! I am wondering how day 3 (4?) is going for you on the shredding???

  3. I had PF Changs for dinner last night! I love that place too.

  4. After all of my paper writing, I'm finally getting around to catching up on all my blog reading. I couldn't believe how much I'd missed on everyone's blogs!

    It looks like you had a great time! And yay for squeezing that Mezzo Mix dispenser into the photo with the nasty Italian soda. Mezzo Mix is great, though. :)


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