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Monday, April 13, 2009

shredding. day one (updated)


ummm my shoulders are beginning to ache and i feel a killer headache coming on. note to self. drink lots-o-water BEFORE the workout. but for now, i'm sucking down the water to try to flush the whatever it is your muscles leak out when they cry.

and speaking of crying. . .

ummm. yeah. i'm getting a grip. and i'm not crying. (well, we'll see what happens when i try to get out of bed tomorrow.)

*original post*

okay, i lived. but ask me tomorrow when i can't feel my arms. 

i will be drinking my obligatory 64 oz of water (slosh). only 3 more water bottles to go!

it's nice to know that i can hang in there without having a heart attack, and that if i keep it real, i'll see results. not bad for a 26 minute workout! 

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