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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

sweatin day two

i've been a member at curves for over a year. i'm all about the "thirty minute workout," but i have to tell you that jillian and her 30 day shred is the real deal. i'm sweating, burning and working it, but not about to die. it's the same theory as curves in that you are working muscles in bewteen keeping the heart rate up. . . only jillian is working small muscles (like bicep curls with hand weights) while working the large muscles (deep knee lunges). killing (emphasis on the killing) two birds with one stone. about the time you think you can't take it anymore, she switches to a couple of minutes of cardio (jumping jacks, jumping an imaginary jumprope), and then a minute or two of abs, then the circuit starts over. 

i just finished and i am sweaty, but feeling energized. my pecs hurt (from yesterday) and my quads are a bit sore, but overall, it feels good. and seriously, it's less than 30 minutes. 

i know it's only day two, but i'm going to go take some measurements and see where i am in thirty days. it can't hurt (well, not too much). and if nothing else, i'm on a water diet. . . meaning i'm shunning diet cokes.

now if that doesn't kill me, nothing will!!


  1. I hear ya! You're a stronger woman than me to shun the Diet Coke. Oh, how it calls me. Ahem.

  2. Good luck with steering clear of Diet Coke. John and I did really well with staying away from cokes for a couple months, but since we got the Soda Stream, we validate our cravings by constantly announcing that it's a fraction of the sugar and calories. (We really should just stick to water!)


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