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Saturday, April 18, 2009

five for five

didn't have time, but made some time. sweatin & shreddin. better than yesterday, and just like jillian said, i've got way more stamina than day one (like that is saying alot). but i did it. and i'm happy to report that i really don't ache much at all anymore. 

and it felt good. (only a slight exaggeration)

sisterhood of the shrinking jeans? i'd settle for being able to fit in my jeans without losing the feeling in my legs.

so i'll be back at it tomorrow. only 25 more days to go!!

no diet coke today. i sacrificed and had a margarita. ha!


  1. I'm working on losing 10 lbs myself. Best wishes to you in reaching your goal! Love your "sacrifice"...ha!

  2. i like your sacrifice! way to CAN do it!


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