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Thursday, April 30, 2009

measuring up

it's been just over two weeks since i began my shred. and while my scale is evil (i have only lost two pounds) i reminded myself that muscle weighs more than fat, so i took my measurements toward the end of week one (i know, i should have started out that way, but i couldn't find the tape measure). i'm not terribly disappointed, but i was hoping i would drop, not gain inches in my bust! (i know it's not the sisterhood of the shrinking bra, but whatever.) it's just a half an inch, but i already can't see my feet, even the minute increases are not exactly what i was after. i want less of the girls. please!

i dropped 3 inches in my waist (areyoukiddingme?? three freaking inches?? yes. i measured three times) and 1/2 inch in my abs, 1/2 inch in the hips and 1/2 inch in the arms. i managed to gain 1 1/2 inches in my thighs. helloooooo. how the heck is that going to get me into smaller jeans, praytell? (and i measured the thighs three times, too. who knows, maybe the initial measurement was off)

overall, i'm pleased with where i'm heading. i'm still like a crack addict around sugar, but i am happy to say that i have only had one diet coke in 17 days. it's not killing me, but i would be lying if i said i wouldn't enjoy the heck out of one right now.

perhaps it's my elderly frame, but i'm still having trouble with my knees. i did take a day off yesterday to continue to let my knees have a break. the workout today was good. but my knees are achey. i want to go back to level 2 (although who knows why. . . there are too many plank maneuvers for my taste, but then i'm not the exercisey type.)

i've stuck to working out every day (with the exception of a couple of days) and find that if i get it out of the way earlier in the day i'm happier knowing there's not a little evil jillian following me all day. i feel stronger, don't get winded in the work out as i did, and i feel like my arms have a little extra "something" that i'm happy about. heck i can do 14 girly pushups without collapsing on my face!! what about that??

many of you don't know me. but listen. i'll share a little secret. IF I CAN WORK OUT EVERY DAY ANYONE CAN!!! i am not athletic, i have back issues and i've never stuck to anything this dedicatedly (is that a word?) before in my life! i'm fighting through discomfort which is something i've never done the words of bella karolyi, "you can deww it!!"

probably way more than you really want to know about my mid-challenge assessment, but there you go. 


  1. Haha! I am currently suck down a large Diet Coke, from Wendy's. BUt I am about to get on the elliptical.

  2. Good job with those inches, and keep up the good work :)

    I know it's hard to get rid of cokes. Sigh...I've been especially bad with that lately. The grocery store sells Dr. Peppers individually when cases get damaged in shipping, so I've started the terrible habit of buying 2 whenever they have them with the excuse that "at least it's not a 12-pack." Oops.

  3. You are doing fantastic!! I am amazed that you are keeping your girls! That is usually the first thing to go. I don't really have too much to spare so if I could lose weight and have nice boobs it would be a win, win for sure!

    So you have totally inspired me. I have been searching every Target in my area for the video and I think I am just going to have to break down and order it from Amazon because I can't find it. I am recruiting my future sister in law to work out with me every day and maybe one of my co workers! :) Thanks for posting about your journey. I look forward to reading about the next two weeks.


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