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Sunday, April 26, 2009

who needs to walk anyway?

okay, i took the day off yesterday because i was flat-out covered up all day and frankly, my legs, specifically, my knees were really achey.

today, like a dutiful shredder, i got ready to hang out with jillian. and i reverted to level one to save my knees. i had trouble with the jumping jacks (sharp pain on the outside of the knee, down to the upper outside calf muscle), butt kicks and not so much the jumprope. but the static lunges were hard on the knees too.

i know she says to press through, but i feel like i'm regressing, not getting better.

really i'm not whiney (well, disregard the last post) and i want to do this. but my acheing knees!! whaah!! how am i going to get upstairs now!!?



  1. there is a difference between pushing through the mental pain, and injuring yourself.
    i will say this...after reading your blog, i'm ALMOST ready to get back to my routine. i said almost! gotta shake some things out this week that are sucking the life out of me. LIFE!
    i'm with you...looking forward to Heaven. any day now Jesus. any day! :)

  2. As long as you are doing some kind of workout I don't think you are regressing. You are at least making the effort to work out and I know You will get back to that next level!!!


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