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Sunday, April 19, 2009

seven for seven, even on the sabbath

no rest for the not-so-skinny! as much i would have like to take the sabbath off, i decided that it's a 30 day shred, and i can do 30 days.

today i wanted to work out in the afternoon, but then boy wonder and his GF came back early from lifeguard training, beaming with their new certificates, and spent some time chatting before they headed back to school. seemed a bit rude to say, gee, i'd like to visit, but i've got this urge to shred. what??

so i chatted, and then my small group was due over, so i made cookies for the girls (yes, i'll admit, i had two) and we finished up about 8:15. so i began my workout as soon as they left. 

while i still can't make it through all of the pushups on the second round, i am a far cry from a week ago! and i used to have to beg off a few jumping jacks and jump ropes (it's a calf-burner, for sure!). not any more! and at the end when it's time to do butt kicks, jumping jacks and jump roping, i have more energy to do the cardio than i do in the beginning.

so i'm seeing progress. 

as for measuring, i'm logging my measurements and will report back in 10 days. my last set of measurements were from a few months (and 8 pounds) ago. i want an accurate-ish account. i didn't get my measurements on day one. it was more like day 6. blah blah blah. i'm logged in and i'll be reporting back about midway through the 30 days. 

i'm just pretty pumped that i've made it the first week and haven't skipped (not that i haven't wanted to). 

day 7 without diet coke, and i'm alive. whoo hoo!!

on to week two!!


  1. I've been debating about doing the elliptical tonight, but I just need to get my butt on there!

  2. Yayy you! Very impressive - keep up the good work.


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