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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wakin up is hard to do. . .

they say that wakin up is, 

ha-rd to do,

now i know, i know that it's true. . .

they say that this is the end. . .

instead of makin up we should be wakin up again. . .

or something like that.

yeah. up early today (the hubster had an early morning meeting) and i decided to get my shred in before leaving for my day.

and now that it's over, i won't have jillian's little face in mine saying, "hey, when you gonna get that shred on??"

she's gone. for another whoooooole day!! 

and i'm done with day 10, and have the entire rest of the day to enjoy.

but the last few days my legs have ached. and i'm seriously going to go to the sports store and get 3 pound weights. i've been kickin it crazy style with 5 pounders. i want guns, just not a heart attack.

so there you have it. it's a new day. the sun is shining, stellan is on the road to recovery and my workout is compli. what more could a girl ask for??

now stop that with margarita talk!! it's only 7:45!!


  1. Okay - so I think I 'saw' you sporting an orange shirt over in the Frozen Tundra. I think they picked the wrong person to win the Shred DVD because you don't look like you neeeeeeed to shred anything! Seriously!


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