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Friday, April 17, 2009

watching and waiting

it's the hardest thing, really.


gah, i really don't enjoy it! i'll drive out of my way to avoid standing still in traffic (even if it requires more time to get to where i'm going that it would have if i had just exercised a wee bit-o-patience!), and i bristle in lines at the department/grocery store. heck. i hate having to wait for microwave popcorn to finish it's poppin, and high-speed internet sometimes just ain't high-speed enough!

i don't have to wait for a song to finish. i don't even have to suffer through the songs on an album that i don't really care for because a) if you don't like the song on the album/cd, don't download/purchase it, and b) creating a playlist negates having to listen to anything that i don't really want to listen to. i'm old enough to remember albums. and it was next to impossible/too much of a hassle to skip to the song that you liked. or to listen to the song that you liked over and over. and cassettes weren't much easier. the ipod has really changed the way we listen to music.

oh, but i'm rambling. you know me. a little trip with me n' A.D.D. is always adventuresome!

oh yeah, waiting. 

don't like it. 

not. one. bit.

what made me think about the agonizing (i don't mean to over-dramatize, really) process of waiting was stellan. 

the mckmiracle baby we've all been watching and waiting with/for.

and how desperately mckmamma has been waiting. hoping. that her little baby would settle and his heart would rest so that he could grow… wait some more before they would have to do the ablation. and yet, being weary of waiting, wanting something to change so she could go home with her nicely healed baby and hug on her many small children, eat woodland creature food and return to the controlled chaos that is life with four children four and under. 

and so we wait. and watch. 

and what do we see?

well, besides some eye-popping awesome pictures, we see a family living out their lives wearing their faith on their sleeves. showing us what it looks like to cling to the King. to live life with Hope. to rest on the knowledge that God is in Control. that Jesus is Alive. He rose from the Dead and Reigns!

so while i'm here in the waiting room, tapping my toes, slightly impatiently, i am so blessed to be in good company. knowing that there are thousands who join me here. with our hands clasped in prayer. resting on the Truth of the Gospel. what a delight to wait and see how God will be showing up. and how many will see. and may His glory be shouted from the rooftops, from the halls at boston's children's hospital (where i once spent three weeks when i had my complete spinal fusion), from the living rooms and offices and libraries and wherever else people are checking in on this little guy…

we are waiting with you, jennifer. holding our collective breaths. and so thankful for the technology that not only allows little hearts to heal, but to allow us front-row seats in the waiting room.

on the front lines of the battle.

holding hands.

and praying.

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