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Friday, April 3, 2009


well, it's raining again. not a huge surprise, and frankly i think the green grass looks kinda cool in the gray, pouring rain. i mean, it's electric green, so what's not to love?

i'm working in the cave while doing a little ADD-blogstalking on the side. typical.

yesterday, i took my littlestudio in a box to one of our stores and spent about three hours shooting our menu items so that i can layer the photos in one document and advertise combo meals, etc.

i only have one small problem. i really am not a master (more of a court jester, really) in photoshop. i have some pretty decent pictures, but i just have to learn how to silhouette them properly and then layer them so they don't look layered. i'm hoping one of my design friends can give me a quick tutorial. 

so i must go slog through the rain as i go pick up a few signs for one of the stores. pick up bama-girl at school and then i bet we'll head over to the store for a quick petro and to install the signs. it's a glamour life, i know.

tonite should be quiet (as we begin to transition to our "empty-ish nest") and since we've got a night out tomorrow to see matt wertz with some of our students, i think we'll pan-sear some tuna and try to find something on demand to watch. we've got the first CD of the john adams miniseries from HBO, but the hubster's fallen asleep both times we've tried to watch it. i'm thinking we'll return that to netflix and scrap the next two in our que (disk 2 and 3 of the series) and move on to prince caspian (which i've already seen but would relish seeing again!).

in the meantime, i'm going to do another load of laundry and eat the steel cut oats i put in the crockpot this morning. i forgot all about them! 

so there is a little slice of my rainy day life. 


  1. That studio in a box is awesome! So cute!

  2. Love the studio in a box. That is really neat! I got Photoshop elements and now can't figure out how to work the dang thing. I'm too ADD to actually read the directions- I was hoping I could just figure it out on my own.

    Um, no.


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