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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

dogwood winter


in april.

mr. tulip. you were wise to wait for spring. shoulda waited longer.

snow capped japanese maple

bah! i want my spring back!

i'll be covering the plants tonite, and then hopefully, putting out the plants for the garden. april 15 is typically the "green light" day. and i'll be bankin on it.

chill out, tender columbine!

enough of winter already. and if you're not gonna snow enough to close school?? well then, why bother?!!

be still my bleeding/freezing heart!


  1. super thankful for your intercession as Passion Week unfolds. The "narnia-esque" snow was a sweet reminder from the KING this day (similar to BOTH Princess Retreats) that He is in charge and can do whatever He wants! Even snow in April :) Also LOVED that you snapped some photos of snow because as I was up and headed back to hospital I didn't get any! they are beautiful contradictions :) Like our KING!

  2. Wow, snow in April...yuck. I hope the snow stays away after today. Your plants are gorgeous and need the sunlight and warmth (as do you!).

    We have been in the clear here for about a week now (both literally and figuratively), and I hope the same weather meets you soon. :)

  3. so pretty!! we didn't get any to speak of all winter long!! maybe next year~

  4. They look beautiful, even covered in snow.

  5. Oh man, I'm sorry! We aren't very warm but thankfully no snow. Bring on the warm weather!


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