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Thursday, April 9, 2009

should be sleeping

story of my life. 

i can't sleep.

and i am border line panic attacking these days. 

too. much. on . my. plate.


my 30 day shred DVD arrived in the mail today.

great. so now i can have a heart attack and won't be able to call 911 because i won't be able to feel my arms.

i should wait until i get back from our easter outing to atlanta before beginning my 30 day challenge.

but maybe i'll do it tomorrow. . . 

nah. . .

it'll just prolong the pain. 

monday morning. shred time.

and maybe that will burn a little stress.

and then maybe i'll be able to sleep.

now there's an idea.


  1. Good luck with the DVD, and I hope it helps you de-stress. Working out usually does that for me. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to the gym in about 5 weeks...ugh.

  2. I could totally use the 30 day shred!!

  3. I'm starting it this week, too! Woo hoo!


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