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Saturday, April 25, 2009

sunny saturday

up early today, got some marketing materials ready for the hubster who is providing tea and water to our church's job fair this morning. and a couple of signs advertising a management position that we have available. i'm really hoping that the folks who are out of a job can find some opportunities at this event. and i'm hoping they enjoy petro's hint-of-orange™ iced tea, too! (and i have an awesome photo, but when i try to upload it, the color is all off. what in the world?? so here is a not-so-great quality shot from our website)

finishing up the graduation invites (most notably, bamagirl's… sort of like the plumber's wife who always has leaky pipes… hers are last b/c i had to get the "paying" customers taken care of first). over 500 hand-made invites! whew!

going to try to do some planting-o-the garden today. it's beautiful and i believe we're in the clear as far as frost goes. they say tax day is the date (although i'm not sure who "they" are, it does sound like a reliable rule of thumb) to aim to begin putting plants in the ground.

then later this afternoon, some of my small group girls are going to the homeschool prom, and i told them i'd like to take pictures for them. i'm a fledgling/newbie photographer and i'm always looking for someone to stalk with my camera. i hope they turn out nicely!

and true confessions time. i went to see gran torino with the hubster last nite at the "dollar theater" (nevermind that it costs two dollars. back when the theater opened, they charged a buck, so it is the dollar theater even though it's not a dollar anymore. you follow?) where we got the combo special… movie + drink + popcorn = 4 bucks. and i'm not going to lie here, i had a diet coke. yes i did.

and it was amazing.

but i'm back on the wagon. (and i only ate about 1/3 of my small popcorn)

and the movie was terrific (even with the vast amount of F bombs).

and my knees hurt (shred day 12, level 2  jillian can take her plank ab jacks and stuff ummmm well, nevermind)


  1. Diet Coke is amazing. And I had no idea there even were homeschool proms!

  2. Sometimes you have to indulge your cravings!


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