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Thursday, April 16, 2009

shred day @#$&% four

okay, i was feeling really great all day today. i didn't get to my workout until just a minute ago, in fact, i'm sweating and still breathing a bit harder than usual as i type this. but i did it!! 7:35 pm and i did it. not. going. to. give. up! (as if i could on day stinkin four!!)

my body has recovered nicely from the initial onslaught, and really, now that it's over, i think it went well. i'm only skipping a couple of butt kicks and arm raises with the weights. i guess my good workout yesterday had me thinking i'd be kickin it jillian style tonite, but not quite. and i'm sure that a long day had something to do with me not quite feeling energized like i did legs are feeling stronger, and i'm gonna get little guns. and did i mention i'm in the sisterhood of the shrinking jeans?? yeah, and i'm bankin on it. measurements come this weekend. whoo hoo!


  1. I did the elliptical last night, and a program that varies the resistance. It kicked my butt! But, I felt better about myself.

  2. i found your blog via MckMamma's site.... i love your comment on the MckCruise re your invisible friends. tell your husband that they are not invisible! i have now met a blog friend two months in a row. i think i might attempt to meet one once a month.
    i saw on your bio that you are from the in SC, any chance you are in or close to the upstate?
    keep up the hard work of not good with sticking to it, so im always either going up or down on the roller coaster scale. you CAN and will do does get easier as you do it more.
    i like your writing...i'll be back to say hi again.

  3. Keep up the good work!! I can't wait to hear about your measurements


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