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Saturday, April 18, 2009

my plate runneth over

today is going to be beautiful. 

beautiful in that the Lord is blessing us with cornflower-blue skies, a spring green that will knock your socks off, and mild temperatures that are nice enough if you wanted to lay out (like bamagirl will be doing, against her mother's wishes, but when i was that age, i worshipped the sun-god, too), but not hot enough that you'll even crack a sweat.

have i ever mentioned that i love spring?!

but i'm shunning a lazy day to soak up God's spring bounty for a day of running around franticly. well, i'm not sure if frantic is the right word, but in my heart, it feels frantic and that's what happens when i have too much on my plate.

stop one:

head to petro's (the family biz) to take the last few product shots. i've learned to silhouette objects and apply a drop shadow, so i feel like some photoshop rockstar. i'm just about done with this project, and it makes me (and the boss) happy!

stop two:

purchase clever, precious wedding gifts times 4. i know each one should be tailor-chosen, but i'm too pressed for time, and it needs to happen. oh, and did i mention: budget?? because that is the optimal word here, folks. on. the. cheap. any ideas would be most welcome!

stop three

home again, home again, jiggedy jig. assemble graduation invitations that i did for bamagirl and ten of her friends. seemed like a perfectly logical idea when i posed it back in january. not so much now that graduation is less than 4 weeks away and everyone (including myself) waited until the last minute to order. it's busywork, and i enjoy it. it's just that i have other stuff that needs to be done too, and that is what causes the heart palpitations. seriously!

stop four

the yard. springtime is beautiful and rain is a blessing. but this time of year, our yard grows like a fiend!! it's supposed to rain tomorrow so if i don't get to it today, it'll be lose-a-dachshund-long. who knows when the rain will stop? (ummm too lazy to check the weather forcast) i could get the hubster to do it, but then again, he's on a retreat and will be screaming into the driveway in just enough time to shower and prepare for:

stop five

wedding. luckily it's literally three minutes from our house. yikes. i have no idea what to wear. all the spring clothes are in the attic. another job i abhor is the switching of the wardrobes. it's not enough to have a gift and a card ready, but i have to look nice too? gah!

stop six

shredding. gotta get that in sometime today, too. it would be logical to do it right now at 8:20 in the morning, but i've already showered and i'm preparing to go do my shoot before it gets busy at the store. 

stop seven

padded room. i hope they serve chocolate.

and margaritas.


  1. I'd settle for just chocolate. Love those invites- they are beautiful! And so grand. :) Enjoy the wedding- I really have to look into that video- I am hearing so much about shredding on blogs lately. goo d luck with that!

  2. boy is my face red. i knew your name looked familiar- i checked my email and you are the one who was kind enough to send me the link TO the video. If this isn't a sign that i need to stop thinking and talking about it and JUST DO IT, I don't know what is. :)

  3. I'm sure it will be beautiful! Good luck!

  4. Those graduation invites are awesome! I love the colour, and the ribbon. :)


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