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Friday, April 10, 2009

a little family time

i am happy to report that i am with my family on a much-needed little vacation-ette to beautiful atlanta, georgia. well, i'm sure it it wasn't torrentially raining right now, it would be beautifuller, but since i'm not enticed to do laundry (as if you need to entice me, why you can't keep me from the piles of laundry that mysteriously appear on a daily basis!!) or clean (again, try to pry that swiffer from my fingers... i dare you!). it's just good to get away!

we stopped by UTC to have dinner with boy wonder and his girlfriend. we ate at a lovely place in the historic bluff district. the place is managed by an awesome staff (and i say that because they were brilliant enough to hire boy wonder) and the food was great. then it was over to his dorm to pick up his stuff and off we went.

we slept in this morning and managed to miss the full (and by full, i am talking made-to-order omlettes, french toast, pancakes, bacon, sausage, and of course grits), FREE breakfast by ten minutes. we were able to scrounge up 4 bowls and pounced on the cereals before they too were carted off. we won't make that mistake again tomorrow!

since it's raining today, we are going to head over to IKEA, sort of a house and garden amusement park. the bamagirl is very interested in decorating her dormroom, so we'll go experience that (and it should be an experience because boy wonder and the hubster are going, too) and then maybe head to the mall (because we don't have malls where we live, afterall. i mean not ones big enough to be classified as their own cities!!) and to a movie. gotta love it. head to a new city and do all the stuff (well, almost) that you can do from whence you came.

tomorrow we have more exciting plans. really. we do.


  1. IKEA is always a good plan for a rainy day.

  2. I hope you have a great time with your family on your mini vacation!


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