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Monday, April 20, 2009

wear orange

yeah, in my part of the world, everyday is wear orange day. what can i say? we're an orange kind of town!
but tomorrow, i'm all about orange, and i'll be sportin in for my man stellan. he's having a tricky ablation (hey mckmama isn't the only one who likes to throw down a medical term or two!!) done on his ever-lovin tiny boy heart tomorrow, and us stellan-followers are going to wear orange in honor of him. and to honor his ever-patient mommy, throw in a little pink. (and don't forget pink gum, just for mckmama!).
but that's tomorrow. today, i'm just a little concerned about him, but at the same time, i'm excited. could it be that jennifer might be able to get back to the thawing tundra, hug her msc while nibbling on woodland creature food? that is exciting. and to think how the msc will practically body-slam their mommy and brother when they first see them. i hope someone will have a camera (duh, they always have a camera on hand!). what a day of rejoicing that will be!!
i was able to scrape some of that overflowingness off my plate over the past couple of days. i have all but finished the graduation invites (500 hand-made invites, and that doesn't even include bamagirl's!), have purchased a few wedding gifts, made the cards, and am fairly set in that regard. baccalaureate is winding down, but there are still many loose ends flapping in the breeze (mainly the performances. .. think happy thoughts. . . think happy thoughts!) but will hopefully be resolved by next tuesday.
i'm on day 8 of my shred and am feeling really great (and four pounds lighter, thank you).
i think it's a little of this one day at a time think i've adopted over the weekend. and asking for help (heaven forbid!). i asked bamagirl to help with the yard, and voila! it worked! i can't do (and shouldn't) everything. one day at a time. one project. focus (yeah, right, remember me, the queen of A.D.D??) and then there's this little word i'm learning to say. . .
i'm learning to get over myself and realize that i don't have to do everything that comes down the pike.
am i the only person who struggles with overcommitment?
learn to say no, and it's amazing how the panic attacks are fewer and further between.
imagine that!


  1. i may have just found your blog, and you may have children (which i don't) but i feel as tho' i could have written this blog. No, you are not the only one that struggles with overcommitment. i'm either saying yes to everything, or no to everything....balance is my issue.
    FOUR pounds!!! woohoo! you are inspiring me. well, maybe tomorrow...its already 8 and i'm ready for my pillow!
    orange in our neck of the woods comes in the shape of a paw, however since i'm not a college fan, i don't think i have anything orange to wear. however both Stellan's family and Tricia's health are in my prayers a TON these next few days. (do you follow Nate's blog? )

  2. 4 pounds!!! You go girl!!!

    I too am worried about Stellan. Praying that everything goes well.

  3. Congrats on the 4 lbs!

    And no, you're definitely not alone in struggling with over commitment. That's probably my biggest weakness. :o/


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